Darkhorse Battling for Mayhem Tour Friday! 

Let us know if you still need tickets for this Friday's show. We're competing for a spot alongside Five Finger Death Punch on the Mayhem Festival's Cleveland stop, then heading over to the Slim and Chubby's in Strongsville for an afterparty with the CoCoBeanOs! It's going to be a busy night for Dylan, but we're stoked!

Let us know if you're going on our Facebook Event Page.

And yes, we will have demo discs with us available for $4 for those of you who haven'd snagged one yet!

Demo Discs, Color Shift, and Warped Tour 

Darkhorse has a few things to announce today. First and foremost, the demo discs are on their way! We should have them by 5/20, and you can take a peek at them here - If you check out that link or look at our profile picture, you may notice something a little different as well. Darkhorse would like you all to join us in welcoming white and blood red to the party! We’ve gone through many changes as a band and we thought it was time the Darkhorse reflected it as well.

One last thing before we go, we’ve been entered into the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, competing for a spot on the 2013 Warped Tour! Head over to and click on the “Help us play Warped Tour” banner to vote for Darkhorse, and pressure everyone you know into doing the same by any means necessary (bribes, nagging, gunpoint… we’re just spitballing here). We may not be well known yet, but those of you who do know us know that we can hold our own.

Stay metal

Warped Tour Voting Update:

For those of you asking, here is a direct link to the Warped Tour Battle of the Bands voting: The "Buzz Rating" is comprised of votes and facebook fan activity, then the top bands for each venue get reviewed by a panel of judges.

You can vote once every day.

From the Battle of the Bands site...

Show your support for your favorite artist by going to their page and clicking the "Vote For This Band" button.

Other ways to show your support would be to "Like" their Facebook Fan Page, Tweet about them on Twitter, or play their songs on the Battle Of The Bands band profile to help boost their rating."

Our Pride and Joy 

Our first demo is finally complete, and all 4 songs are available for download!

The two songs we had posted here before (Bleeding Out and Fairytale) have been tweaked quite a bit, plus we've added Too Late and Haunted to the list. From lineup changes and hard drive crashes to equipment problems and song swaps, we've been through hell finishing this demo. After all of the heartache though, we're glad to announce that we are damn proud of each of these 4 songs!

Check out the music player above to give them a listen, download the songs, and vote to let us know what one you like best! These 4 songs are a testament to you guys, and you know who you are, who have supported us over the past few years. We get no greater enjoyment than playing for all of you and getting the chance to share our passion. You guys rock!

Creative Differences 

Like many bands before us, Darkhorse is having creative differences. We can all agree that we want to head in the Gangster Rap direction, but Jared wants to take the Thug route, while Lee has an unhealthy obsession with T-Pain. We've recorded a brand new bridge for Bleeding Out and recorded it in each of their styles - please listen to both of them in the player above and vote to help put an end to this. We're begging you.

-The rest of the band

2/28 Update:  We've taken the tracks down to make way for the demo, but Jared - AKA Thugz Bunny (feat. Boss Dogg) won by a wide margin!  While, as a band, we aren't choosing the thug life, I think we all know the thug life chose Jared.

Darkhorse is back, ALRIGHT! 

 You voted, and we listened. Larger than Life by the Backstreet Boys won the vote for our next cover by 4 votes, followed closely by the Pokémon theme song. With those results, we're a little worried about all of you, but a promise is a promise so we're going to learn (and kill!) Larger than life for our show at the Foundry in 4 days. All for you guys

So if you're looking to have an exciting Friday night, come to Lakewood and rock out with us, BSB style. We may play some of our own songs too, but right now we're getting pretty heavy into the "Millenium" album... Stay Metal lml (somebody has to)

For more info on the show, click here.

Under the Covers with Darkhorse 

Alright, we've been kicking around a few ideas for a cover song to throw in to the mix and we're letting you pick what we play!  You all seemed to like what we did with Disturbia a couple years ago, so we thought we'd give a new song the DH treatment.  When voting, here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • The song should be easily recognizable by most people
  • You should already like the song (duh)
  • We may change the style drastically (or not), but you will still be able to sing along with the original
  • The polls close on 1/31/13
If you have any other ideas you'd like to toss in the hat, email us here through the site or at and we'll consider it.  Choose wisely, and may the best song win!

UPDATE:  Larger than Life by the Backstreet Boys won.  When we start playing boy band songs at the foundry, just remember it's YOUR fault!

Best Fans in the Land 

Last night was awesome! Thank you all for coming out on a crappy, rainy Monday to support us and listen to some music. It was great seeing all of you, and those of you who stuck around got to see a good showing for ATR as well. You all rock.

DARKHORSE at Headliners in Toledo 

Darkhorse will be playing at Headliners in Toledo with Contracode January 5th - that's right, we finally have a Saturday show!  We don't have a lot of info on the show yet, but we'll keep you posted.  For some of you it is a bit out of the way, but I know there are a few of you that will be glad to have us in your back yard for a change.

In the meantime, we want to see all of you this coming Monday at Peabody's for the All That Remains show.  They're a great band and it looks like we're going to have a great turnout as well, so come party with all of us and start the week off right: with a healthy dose of Darkhorse and ATR!

Last Night 

We wanted to thank those that came out last night, and I think John summed it up best on Facebook: "Thanks to all five people that came out tonight, we do appreciate it. Now we better see the rest of your assess at the All That Remains show on the 17th!! Woot woot"  See you all next Monday.

Darkhorse opening for All That Remains Dec. 17th! 

Darkhorse will be opening for All That Remains on Dec. 17th at Peabody's! This show should be a good one, and it's a great excuse to see Darkhorse with another awesome band if you haven't been to a show in a while.

Presale tickets are $16, just get a hold of one of us or send us a message to get one. See you there!

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